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With a population of more than 158.000 inhabitants, Perugia is a hill medieval town located in central Italy - Umbria region - near the Tiber river. It was one of the main Etruscan city. A city of art, Perugia hosts a University founded in 1308, as well as the biggest foreigners University in Italy, with a total of 34.000 students.

Perugia is the birthplace of the renaissance painter Pinturicchio and it also gave the name to another famous Italian painter, Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino.

The heart of its historic center is Piazza IV Novembre, a large and open square where local and visitors congregate. The Fontana Maggiore, a beautiful medieval  fountain  surrounded by medieval buildings with shops and bars, is located in the center of the square.

Other city highlights are: Palazzo dei Priori, a gothic palace where the town councilors used to meet, has some beautiful 13th century frescoes and wooden furniture and it houses the National Art Gallery of Umbria and three other museums;  Rocca Paolina, a fortress built by Pope Paul III overt the houses and buildings he destroyed, which usually hosts art exhibits; San Pietro, one of the region most sumptuously decorated churches; the church of Sant’Angelo , an example of Paleo-Chirstian art with central plan recalling that of Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome.

Perugia is also famous for its festivals:  Eurochocolate, the international chocolate exhibitions  held in mid-October since the city is very famous for its chocolate; Umbria jazz, one of Europe’s largest  jazz festival that runs for two weeks in July attracting many leading international musicians; the International Journalism Festival, held in April.


Al via la terza sessione dei percorsi formativi del Progetto JEWEL Model

Lunedì 6 Ottobre riprenderanno a Palazzo Penna, Via Podiani, i percorsi seminariali gratuiti diretti alla cultura d'impresa.

  Promossi e organizzati da SVILUPPUMBRIA in collaborazione con il Comune di Perugia - capofila del progetto JEWEL, i p...


Inaugurazione dell’Urban Center Perugia

29 Marzo 2014, Via Sant’Ercolano, 5.

Sabato 29 Marzo 2014, alle 11.00, nei locali di via Sant’Ercolano – 5, è stato inaugurato l’Urban Center Perugia, il nuo...


Presentazione dei percorsi seminariali

Progetto Jewel

  Il 14 febbraio 2014 a PALAZZO PENNA si è svolto l’incontro di presentazione del calendario di percorsi seminariali pe...